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  • My capsules are filled differently, am I getting the stated nutrients?

    Because of the clean methods we use to manufacture our products variances in capsule fill levels can happen. The variances can be especially noticeable from batch to batch because the powders can have differences in density. A more dense batch filling the capsule less. However variances can also happen within the same batch due to the machine tolerances.

    Normally differences like this are minimised with flow agents during manufacture and fillers during encapsulation. Our products contain neither so the variance can be much more noticeable. However, all our on pack nutrient levels are for the lowest level of tolerance, these are a minimum level each capsule will contain.

  • What quality standards does Together manufacture to?

    Our products are made using the highest standards of food manufacturing methods, including ISO 9000, cGMP and BRC accreditations.

  • How are your food based nutrients made?

    The process we use for our food based nutrients is as follows:

    Step 1 - Whole food ingredients that are tested free from pesticides or herbicides are reduced into a concentrated paste. All parts of the food offer benefits, so nothing is left out, including the pulp, zest and pips. The food used depends on the nutrient required, for example, citrus fruits for Vitamin C or carrot concentrate for Beta Carotene.

    Step 2 - The whole food concentrate is then fed with the optimum amount of added vitamins and minerals. The food then metabolises the added vitamins and minerals, molecularly binding them to their co-factors (including flavonoids, enzymes, amino acids and trace minerals) and enhancing the food’s original vitamin and mineral content.

    The metabolisation is left to happen at its natural rate, which takes up to 72 hours. Afterwards, the added vitamins and minerals have become part of the food and are indistinguishable from the food’s naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Throughout this process, no temperatures above 32.5 degrees Celsius are used, ensuring that the co-factors are kept intact.

    Step 3 - The mineral or vitamin food concentrate is then thoroughly washed up to 7 times with purified water removing any vitamins and minerals that have not been metabolised, the food is then gently dried with filtered air. Nothing else is added—no fillers, binders or preservatives—leaving only the nutrient-rich food concentrate.

    Every batch is tested to confirm there is no trace of toxic metals, pesticides or herbicides, both at the beginning and end of the process.


  • How are your food based vitamins different to standard isolated vitamins?

    Our food based vitamins and minerals are presented in a complete whole food complex just like in food. Unlike isolated vitamins, the body recognises food based vitamins and minerals as genuine food, allowing them to travel to the parts of the body that need them the most. This results in vastly improved absorption, utilisation and retention.

  • Do you use artificial additives in your products?

    We go to great lengths to avoid using artificial product additives. You will not find any in our products.

  • Does Together offer product samples?

    We offer a 5-day sample of our Multibiotic.  More sample products will follow soon.

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