Refer a friend


  • How do I get started with Refer a friend?

    Our refer a friend program is integrated into Together Rewards, to get started simply create an account or log in. From your account go to your Together Rewards tab and you will be able to refer friends and earn points. 

  • How do I refer friends and family?

    Once you have logged into your account and navigated to your Together Rewards tab you will find your unique referral link. Simply share this link with friends and family and once they click the link they will be redirected to our website.

  • What reward will my friend and I receive from this promotion?

    Once your friend has clicked your link and gone to our website they will be given a 25% discount code to use on any purchase. Once they have spent over the £10 minimum spend amount (after discount and excluding shipping) for our refer a friend program you will be given 500 points in your Together Rewards account, enough to claim a £5 voucher.

  • How should I share my unique referral code?

    You can share your link directly from your Together Rewards account via twitter or email. Alternatively, you can copy the link and share it via any social media, messaging services, apps or any other way you choose to communicate.

    Make sure you only share your link with people you have an existing relationship with, such as family and friends, and make sure you don’t share the link with people you don't know (e.g. on forums or in public areas of social media platforms). If you publicly share the link we may not approve your points.

  • Can I refer a friend from anywhere in the world?

    Yes, as long as your friend or family member spends the minimum £10 on our website (after discount and excluding shipping) in line with our T&Cs you will be rewarded your referral points. Click here for a list of countries we deliver to.

  • How many people can I refer?

    As many as you like, provided they are personal connections of yours and haven’t already purchased from our website. Each friend or family member you recommend will only be able to use one referral discount code when they sign up.

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